Que nos diferencia de los demas

What sets us apart from other cleaning companies?

I suppose many of you will think that all cleaning companies are the same. It is not like that, there is an important variety of cleaning companies that, although they sound the same, are not dedicated to the same thing.

We do not want to extend the reading further and describe why we are different

  1. Our team cleans your homes, we offer a domestic service.
  2. We are flexible, you pay by the hour, by the day and according to need, there are no ties.We are local, we have immediate availability offering a quality service
  3. We have been working in the hotel industry for more than 20 years, we know what service our client needs
  4. Our service does not exist, commonly it was opted for recommendations of ladies of the house, trusted ladies.
  5. You pay for what you consume.
  6. We speak 3 languages, we come from the world of hospitality, our empathy connects with our clients
  7. If you don’t like it, we change the staff and we continue to provide service
  8. There are no casualties, we always have staff in the team available.
  9. Payment method, online through a secure payment gateway, revolut, bizum, cash. Always flexible.

I hope it could be of help. For the rest, we are always at your disposal

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