What should have a good maintenance of gardens?

1. Eliminate weeds
The months of January and February are the most recommended by the gardening companies for the elimination of weeds. They offer a weed control and elimination system. Using the installation of drip irrigation, covering the ground with pine bark or gravel or placing an anti-weed mesh with which to keep plants at bay for a season.

2. Garden subscriber
At the end of winter and beginning of autumn we resort to fertilization, improving the quality of the soil and providing nutrition to the plants. Gardening companies can use different types of fertilizers:

Organic fertilizers: well composted or slow-release granules. Among the most common types of organic fertilizers: peat, compost, manure, earthworm humus, green manure, guano, bone meal or ashes.

  1. Chemical fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphated and potassium
  2. Composite fertilizers: they have two or more types of nutrients

3. Control pests
Plants can be affected by many pests throughout their life. A sudden change in temperature and / or environment, thirst or on the contrary having the permanent wet soil, or being in the same pot for too long are just some of the main causes for which they can be weakened, thus becoming vulnerable to attacks by insects that will do everything possible to feed on their sap. So gardening companies have to be very aware to apply the appropriate treatment in each case.

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